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Tim Oliver- David Brent

Tim is one of the busiest lookalikes impersonators in the world and has achieved many accolades and awards for his talents.
He has performed in many countries including Australia and America and has been involved in a mixture of events including, Corporate Videos and Photo Shoots, Hosting Award Ceremonies, Exhibitions, Office meetings and presentations, Weddings etc. in fact, there isn't much he hasn't done, as his character fits in with many different event scenarios.
Tim is very flexible and open to all kinds of ideas and suggestions, but some of his acts can include p
ersonalised corporate video messages, a Meet n Greet and Mix n Mingle. Why not have David Brent give you a spoof comedy motivational speech! Have him to Host/Compere for the duration of the event. Invite 'Gareth' aka McKenzie Crook Lookalike, who can performs a comedy health and  safety demo and mix n mingle with close  up magic! 

After Dinner Speaking

Ricky probably wouldn’t do it, plus he is very expensive, however, Tim looks and sounds exactly like him and deliver his comedy just like the comedy genius himself.

So do not accept cheap imitations, just hire Tim, he is all you will need for a great night, you will be getting pats on the back for months afterwards and if Ricky says he is brilliant, what better testimonial can he get.


Hosting Award Ceremonies

This is something Tim has plenty of experience in, he has a great connection with the audience and the ability to ad lib and think on his feet. He has undertaken many award ceremonies in his time so far and works very closely with the client to achieve maximum satisfaction.

david brent

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