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Proud to Work With You!

We are very fortunate and proud to be working closely within the LGBTQ community. We can book your acts for your Pride or LGBTQ event, and help you market your event to your audience location and demographics. If you need event posters, social media assets and management of your channels in the lead up to your event to maximise ticket sales,

we are here to help you! 

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So you have the perfect venue, your acts are booked... on paper it's the ideal gathering or event... just one things is missing.... YOUR AUDIENCE.

How do you sell an event?  

I have years of experience of hands on event planning and marketing experience, and can help you create your event marketing plan, along with event posters, social media assets and the ability to drive your messaging to your target audience and get bums on seats or feet on the dancefloor. 

So if you like what you see below, get in touch...



Booking Acts

We can book your acts for your pride event, and manage your artists to make sure the are on stage at the right time and delivering a first class performance. We will liaise with your event team to make sure everything runs smoothly on the day. 


Social Media Management

Don’t post at your own leisure or whenever you find it convenient. Timing of your social media and content matters a great deal; if you want your post to receive maximum views, then you have to release them at the right time of day with the right imagery. Let us do the hard work for you!


Event Posters

One of posters' biggest advantages of the poster is that, for as long as you leave them up, more people will see your message, which can lead to an increase in customers! Let us design you an eye catching poster.


Social Media Assets

Social media messages should never be limited to text-only posts. In fact, text-only posts should be the exception rather than the norm.

The majority of posts should be rich in images and/or GIFs and we can create these for you.


Event Delivery

Do you need help to bring your event to life? We are experienced event planners, and can do everything from idea conception through to the running of the event itself and the post event analysis. 

Get in touch to discuss your event. 

Karen is committed and passionate in her work, she is very thorough, knowledgeable, professional, fun and we have absolutely enjoyed working with her!


Karen has supported Herts Pride since January 2022 working with us as our main agent for sourcing and booking acts to perform at Herts Pride as well as providing advice and guidance on social media marketing and management.


We are extremely proud of the ongoing partnership that we have Karen, and that she is now part of the Herts Pride family, and we are forever grateful to her for expertise, guidance and continued support of Herts Pride.

Elinor Simon

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