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The St Andrew's Sisters

A trio of bonnie lassies singing in beautiful harmony. Singing the old favourites made famous by their namesakes, putting a vintage spin on contemporary classics & harmonise traditional Scottish melodies.

Between them, they have decades of performing experience, so you can be sure we will bring a polished, professional performance to any occasion, delighting your audience with cute choreography, witty banter & stunning harmony vocals.

St Andrew's Sisters

These ladies are the perfect addition to your event, whether you are having a wedding, corporate event or Burns Night! They can cover all your Scottish favourites or any other music on request adding their magic vintage twist adding 1940s glamour to your event!

Listen to some more...

500 Miles The St Andrews Sisters
00:00 / 03:09
BoogieWoogieBugleBoySt Andrews Sisters
00:00 / 02:34
A Red Red RoseSt Andrews Sisters
00:00 / 02:03
PerfectSt Andrews Sisters
00:00 / 03:26
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