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Nona Pinkie


Nona is a highly accomplished singer, songwriter, dancer and presenter based in Scotland. She currently leads the UK dance act Uniting Nations, with whom she tours extensively throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

In Poland, where Uniting Nations found considerable success, she has performed live for crowds surpassing 400,000 at prestigious festivals in Zakopane and Sopot. She has also appeared as a guest on the popular Polish television program "Jaka to Melodia," which attracts a live audience of over 8 million people. Within the UK, Nona has performed at major Pride events as a solo artist and as part of Uniting Nations, in addition to participating in numerous LGBTQ events in Glasgow. She is well-established in the British dance scene due to her musical collaborations with George Bowie and performances at GBX events. As a presenter, she has attended prominent music festivals such as Parkilfe, where she interviewed high-profile celebrities such as Mark Ronson and DJ Fresh


nona pinkie

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