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Kevin McGuire

Kevin McGuire is Scotland's answer to the modern sound of Country music. The driving force behind the genre, Kevin has crafted his own niche, taking the elements of Country he loves and bringing them up to date. 


Whether he's melding dance music and country by working with the legendary George Bowie and the biggest remixers in the game on their collaborations 'Wagon Wheel' & 'A Little Sun', or just bringing his own music into the modern mainstream with traditional sounds, he's one not to be missed. 


Kevin has performed at the UK's largest Country music festivals including Country 2 Country, Nashville Meets London, The Long Road Festival as well as becoming a regular on the nation's favourite radio station, Clyde 1.


Kevin McGuire

Kevin is the perfect artist for your private or corporate event, for your wedding or celebration. Kevin can bring all your favourite country songs to the party, and as an artist in his own right has an amazing repertoire of new country music- a true country super star of the future. 

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