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Joey Tempo

Classed by peers as your “unofficial duracel rocket bunny” joey tempo keeps it real and authentic. No dad caps or unnecessary jewellery, just a loveable northerner with a high aptitude for energetic feel good dance music.


Joey Tempo keeps it real and authentic. He knows people who party have no place for judgement, they’re there to connect and be free, just like he is.


Scorching venues such as EGG LDN, 93ft East, Basing House, XOYO & Ministry of Sound, Fire & Lightbox, supporting the likes of Jaded, Charlotte Van De Peer, & DJ Skt, to cementing himself as a renowned voice on UK dance station, Select Radio.


Joey Tempo is a name on the rise.


With a mentality similar to Honey Dijon’s ‘let loose coz we’re gonna party’ perspective, his library deep of multiple dance genres; each selection handpicked explicitly to take dancers down that ‘rabbit hole’ journey.


Upcoming prospects include collaborations with local london artists, multiple radio guest shows, club gigs over festive season in the capital, an international debut in Ibiza come September, new music “My Rhythm Is” releasing in April, special guest appearances on his "all out show" and working tirelessly on white label productions.

joey tempo

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