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Jill Leighton

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Jill Leighton is a folk songstress from Scotland. A songwriting and performing career spanning 20 years. Jill has performed world wide with a growing profile in the folk Americana scene in the United States.

Having toured with several notable acts including Ryan Adams, Neal Casal and opening for the likes of Foy Vance. She has appeared more recently at festivals in California and Mexico and is sought after by many agents. 

Her voice likened to Joni Mitchell is one to behold. Haunting yet strong with songs bold, imaginative and emotive. To see Jill perform is truly magical and unforgettable. 

Jill Leighton

Jill is a versatile and extremely talented musician and artist, and can turn her hand to many instruments. Jill can create a repertoire to suit your event, and brings her magical presence to each and every performance in a mesmerising way. 

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