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Dirty Harry Blondie Tribute

DH Tribute.jpg

Dirty Harry Blondie tribute band is the ultimate tribute to Blondie. This band brilliantly recreates the look and the sound of the iconic Debbie Harry.

Dirty Harry captures the essence of Blondie with the stunning looks and voice of Sarah as the sensual Debbie Harry, backed by some of Scotland’s finest musicians.

The band emulate the original sounds and arrangements of all the Blondie songs they play, carefully chosen from Blondie’s first five albums. You can tell the group have got it right when you can hear the audience sing-along over the band’s powerful performance!

The band was formed in Edinburgh in 2011 because of Sarah Kennedy’s desire to create an act which could play homage to everyone’s favourite rock goddess Debbie Harry.

In the annuls of rock Blondie is unique; their back catalogue has proven to be timeless and with Ms Harry at the front, what’s not to like guys!

Dirty Harry has not only the original sound, feel attitude, and full back catalogue of the band but a look-alike of Debbie to deliver the good stuff.

Dirty Harry Blondie Tribute

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