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DJ Sharon O'Love 

She's loud and queer, playing across Europe and internationally in countries like the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Dubai and Canada, Sharon is renowned for her passion and energy and connecting with the floor no matter how big or small. Sharon's DJ sets are unique, she creates her own mash-ups and prodiction that cannot be heard by any other DJ. Sharon believes her music feeds the soul, its feel good music and she plays it from her heart. 

Sharon O'Love


Sharon has been playing for many years, initially influenced by trance, she played legendary clubs such as Gatecrasher, Passion and Creamfileds. Sharon stared to create a buzz when she started to play gay dance clubs in the UK and then across Europe, she has served many of the biggest gay parties in Europe such as WE Party, Matinee, Rapido, Sexy, Forever and Milkshake festival, whilst also maintaining some quality residencies in Amsterdam, Cologne, Maspalomas, Munich and Antwerp. Sharon believes she has an empathic connection with her floors, music is therapy and the dancefloor is our therapy room. Sharon also plays various Pride events every year including Amsterdam, Antwerp, Birmingham, Cologne, Frankfurt, Madrid, Manchester, Maspalomas, Miami, Munich, New York, Nottingham, Paris, San Diego and Vienna.


Sharon also produces music and is currently singed to Queen House Music, you can stream Sharon's beautiful production which is described as a blend of trance and progressive, uplifting house music, on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud. 

"Music is a foundation for all that is life, it inspires us to love and calls on many of our forgotten memories. We can sing together as one, we can dance together without fear, we can listen together and remember the good times. Music is our teacher, our love, our therapist, our life...ENJOY every moment" (Sharon O Love)

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UK & European Residencies: 

Essential (Manchester)
Funhouse (Amsterdam)
Sexy (Cologne)
NY Club (Munich)
Wet & White (Maspalomas)
Tea Dance (Maspalomas)
Drama (Antwerp)
Unify (Nottingham) 

Europe Regular Parties appearances: 

Angels (Zurich)
Astronaughty (Vienna)
Euphoria (Dublin)
Hard On (London)
Heaven (Paris)
Himbeer (Mannheim)
Grind (Frankfurt)
L'Omega (Nice)
Red & Blue (Antwerp)
Replay (Vienna)
Steamworks (Arnhem) 

International Gigs: 

Cherry (Washington)
Hydrate (Chicago)
M.E.A.T (New York)
Urge (Miami)
Lookout (San Francisco)
Overdrive (San Diego)
Prism (Toronto)
Saloon (Minnesota)
The Eagle (Fort Lauderdale)
Unite Music Festival (San Diego)
Urge (Miami)

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