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Billie Gold

Billie Gold is the 80s power house who has been bringing her otherworldly act to the scene's top LGBTQ+ venues for lightyears.

Billie is mostly be found on the gay cabaret circuit but also brings her energetic set to corporates, garden parties, gigs and festivals. A high energy set but also includes her super quick wit, she can tun her hand to hosting and compering and can also facilitate more of a club vibe.

Billie is a super versatile artist, and can entertain you with her quick wit, and powerful vocals, and add a little edge to your event!

Billies talent extends beyond her powerful voice, she embodies what is a true artist, with  lots of theatre and stage expereince, and has her own show which is returning this year called “Praise Kink”, a personal sit down show. 


A one woman comedy show is about finding the power of self validation and lesbian identity, and no, its not about kink, but it might get a little dirty. From the mind of a lesbian ex sex worker, now full time drag performer, Praise Kink is a fast, wild and inspiring look at the world through the lens of an unreprimandable, ridiculous, queer woman. Dragged up by the universally set moral code, this is the story of what makes us good enough for ourselves. Backed by belting power vocals that’s made audiences feet sore internationally and a wicked sense of humour, Praise Kink will either have you on the edge of your seat or standing on top of it.

Billie recently graced the stage in the form of the delightful Fairy Gold in Brighton's Alternative Panto, Cinderella Remixed and wowed the audience with her charm, shining and sprinkling magic. 

billie gold

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